Death in a Nursing or Care Home

In most cases, the staff at the care or nursing home will contact us to arrange for the collection of your loved one. We are on call 24 hours a day and aim to be in attendance within an hour of their request.  We will ensure that a doctor or other qualified person has attended.

You will need to collect a Medical Certificate from your loved one’s GP to enable you to register their death. If the GP has attended at the care home, it is possible they might complete the medical certificate while they are there. However, in most cases, you will need to go to the GP Surgery to collect it. To save you any unnecessary journeys, you can telephone the surgery beforehand to make sure it is ready to be collected.

If a paramedic has attended to your loved one at the care home and have certified their death, they will leave them with a document which the GP will require in order to complete the medical certificate. However if the death was unexpected it is possible the coroner will be consulted. In this case, we suggest that you contact us so we can discuss the next steps of the process with you.

Once you have the medical certificate the death must be registered at the appropriate registrars. A death must be registered within five days of its occurrence. Under exceptional circumstances or due to the involvement of a coroner, this may be extended.

Registering a Death In Solihull

If the death has occurred in Solihull, you will need to make an appointment at Solihull Register Office by telephoning 0121 704 8002. Advice about registering a death in Solihull can be found at

Registering a Death In Birmingham

If the death has occurred in a district of Birmingham you need to make an appointment at Birmingham Register Office on 0121 675 1104. Advice on registering a death in Birmingham can be found at

Registering a Death In Warwickshire

If the death has occurred in a Warwickshire you will need to make an appointment at a Warwickshire Registry Office on 0300 555 0255. . Advice on registering a death in Warwickshire can be found at

Issuance Of Green Certificate

Ordinarily, the registrar will issue you with a ‘green certificate’, which we require to allow the funeral to take place. This is issued free of charge. Once you have the green certificate, you can then contact us so we can arrange to meet with you and other members of your family to discuss the arrangements for the funeral.

Transfer To Funeral Home

Once the registration of death formalities are complete we will arrange for your loved one to be collected and moved to our funeral home. We have discrete transport which will guarantee a safe and dignified journey for your loved one, regardless of where the death has occurred or the circumstances surrounding it.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

You may only need to take care of a death once or twice in a life time so the process will be very unfamiliar to you. However, we do this all the time, it is our business, so we are very familiar with it. If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.